About Breinig


In 1880 the Stolberg-Walheim railway line was built by Breinig and in 1889 the Breinig train station which is now a listed building.

Until 1922, ore was mined in the Cornelia ore mine in the Breiniger Heide area. Many Breinigers worked in the lead and zinc smelters.
On September 14, 1944 US tanks advanced into Breinig.

Old Breinig is is today characterised by its urban value and the careful preservation of its historic buildings. The entire old Breinig street is therefore listed as historic town centers and designated as a particularly regionally typical place.
The buildings in the historic centre were mainly built with bluestone from the local quarry,
The historic centre of the village is a vital and lively residential area. Nestled in the idyllic surroundings, characterised by cattle meadows and wooded areas, renaturalised streams and former quarries with rugged and moss-covered cliffs. Breinig is strongly promoted by local tourism.

From here the view opens up into the wooded Nature Park Hohes Venn-Eifel around Germany’s youngest national park: the Eifel National Park.