About Eifel


To combat this problem, all kinds of reservoirs were constructed in the course of the 20th century. One of those reservoirs is the Rursee, located in the middle of hills. Drinking water is also extracted for the area around Aachen and electricity production should not be forgotten either.

With the construction of the Urfttalsperre in 1905, a completely new period began for the Eifel, because a large amount of electrical energy was now available. A few decades later, a reservoir was also built in the Rursee. And in the course of the following decades a large number of reservoirs were created, such as the Rurtalsperre/dam, the Kalltalsperre/dam and the Oleftalsperre/dam. The Rursee is connected to other reservoirs upstream and downstream of the Rur. These nine large reservoirs can supply 80 million m3 of drinking water per year.