About Einruhr


A Roman road Via Mansuerisca ended in Einruhr, which led from the Hautes Fagnes via Monschau, Konzen, Simmerath and Kesternich. Archaeological finds from the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD indicate Roman habitation in this area.
In 1470 the area; Monschauer Land belonged to the Duke of Jülich. And a farming settlement called Einruhr had arisen and after the enlargement of the Rursee the revival of tourism provided a new source of income for Einruhr.

Heilsteinbrunnen is located in the center of Einruhr. This is a spring that raises water from a depth of 43 meters and was discovered in 1826. Due to the discovery of Roman coins, it is possible that the Romans were already drawing water here. In the Second World War little damage was done to the town, because it was too far from the Westwall. Only the church was destroyed.