About Fouron Saint-Martin

Fouron Saint-Martin

There were 1091 inhabitants. The inventory also includes details on the natural environment, soils, agricultural production and livestock (115 draft horses, 396 cows, 600 sheep, 180 pigs and 8 goats). In 1962, after the official language border was established, Saint-Martens-Fouron was transferred to the province of Limburg. Saint-Martens-Fouron was an agricultural and fruit-growing village, but from the end of the 19th century many fields were converted into meadows. Silex (flint) was extracted and used in housing construction. There was and is hardly any industry, so many people left. The village gained in importance with the construction of the Saint-Martens-Fouron railroadstation. People found work in Maastricht, Visé and Liège and from the end of the 20th century Saint-Martens-Fouron became a popular place to live among the Dutch.