About Simonskall


Simonskall with 32 inhabitants used to be a small settlement and the presence of iron ore, especially around the village Schmidt, hydropower from the stream Kall a tributary of the river Rur and charcoal from the surrounding forests made Simonskall one of the most important industrial villages in the Monschau country.

In 1643 a fortified house was built in Simonskall, which bears the name “die Burg“. This building is located directly on the Kall stream and consists of a farm part and a residential house with a square courtyard. Iron was produced from here and delivered to the weapon factories of Liège.
In 1900, tourism started to emerge and the Rast- and Kaffeehaus was built. Today exhibitions are regularly held in the current “Haus des Gastes“. For example, there is a permanent collection about WW2.