About Spa cemetery

Spa cemetery

Behind these tombs, your attention will be drawn to the large number of monuments with English inscriptions.
There is nothing exceptional about this presence, considering that Spa has always been strongly appreciated by the English as a place of health.
So you can find in the cemetery typical British names such as: Callaghan, Benson, Mackenzie, Maccarthy, Dallas and Cuningham.
Let’s go back a bit to discover (to the right of the path at the entrance) the Cockerill family tombstone.
William Cockerill, father of the famous John Cockerill (modernizer of the steel industry at Liège), settled in Spa towards the end of the 17th century.
The Cockerill family marked Spa with its presence for about fifty years, they resided in the grand hotel, the current city hall.
Going up the central alley, on your left, you will linger in front of the monument to civilian victims, resistance fighters and combatants of the 1940-45 war.