About Spa

Known for its thermal waters Spa boomed in the sixteenth century when the fame of its waters became booming. And the term “Spa” has become a generic term for spa tourism. In 1774 the second casino in Europe was opened in Spa.
The wealthy bourgeoisie had castles built in Spa and numerous crowned heads, composers and writers stayed in Spa, thats why Emperor Joseph II from Austria nicknamed Spa the “Café of Europe”.

At the Casino on September 19, 1888, was held the world’s first beauty contest.
Queen Maria-Hendrika of Belgium lived in the Villa Royale from 1893 until her death in 1902 in Spa and the celebrities who stayed in Spa include: Victor Hugo, Tsar Peter the Great and Alexandre Dumas.

The company Spa Monopole has been the exclusive producer of thie famous spring water since 1921, which does not come from the same sources as the ferruginous water.