How do I walk reponsable the Modern Grand Tour?

How do I walk responsable the Modern Grand Tour?

When you’re planning your holiday…

Choosing a part or stage

Consider where you want to go and when.

is home to many iconic and famous landmarks and locations, which feature at the top of many wishlists. If you want to visit these places, consider travelling outwith any peak summer months.
If you are travelling during summer, why not consider visiting some lesser-known places this time? We’ve got plenty of ideas and suggestions for places off the beaten track which will give you an amazing experience just the same.

Here are some new things to try:

Epic alternatives

Iconic spots with hidden gems nearby

Off the beaten track destinations

Reasons why you should walk

Alternative must-climb hills

Deciding how long to stay for

There are many benefits to staying longer – you can enjoy more of Euregio, but you can also take your time, savour the experiences, and be more flexible with your plans. Having extra time means you can choose to come back again on a quieter day, or have that extra travel time to go further.

Slow travel is a more meaningful way of travelling about forming connections with a place, taking your time and savouring the moments along the way – the journey, the destination and the people.

Slow travel – Tips & practical information

Slow travel experiences

Ideas for memorable adventures

How you’ll travel around

Transport is a big way to be a more sustainable traveller, if you can find a way to leave the car at home and use public transport. It emits less pollution than if we all travelled around in our own cars or vehicles.

Euregio public transport options are great for travelling around the country, even to our most remote locations. Our public transport is abundant and accessible, with budget friendly options so you can save the spending for the real holiday. From electric cars, frequent train services, buses, coaches and even a variety of cycle paths, you’ll have plenty of sustainable travel options available.

Find out more on travelling by:

  • Train
  • Bus or coach
  • Ferry

Eco friendly ways to explore

Euregio Meuse-Rhine is full of beautiful nature spots, from castles and water sources, to hills and so much more.

With an electric

Where you’ll stay

Consider the accommodation you stay in. Maybe you’d prefer a back to nature break?  Snuggle into an eco-friendly glamping pod, or enjoy the outdoors with a camping break, both are great ways to explore sustainable accommodation options in Euregio. Another way would be to stay at local B&Bs or family-run cottages and lodges.

Things to do during your walk

Joining in an educational outdoor activity, such as bushcraft where you can learn all about surviving and thriving in the natural environment. Explore more eco-friendly places to visit.

Once you’re on holiday, keep an eye out for our accredited Green Tourism businesses. These companies and operators have gone out their way to make their business more sustainable and eco-friendly by reducing their carbon footprint – and even have an award to show for it!