About Nature Park les Hautes Fagnes-Eifel

Nature Park les Hautes Fagnes-Eifel

The part in Germany (2.000 square kilometers) covers two federal states; Nordrhein Westfalen and Rheinland-Pfalz. And here you find the famous Eifel National Park located (110 square kilometers).

While the part in in Belgium (700 square kilometers) covers only the province Liège and her you find Nature Reserve Hautes Fagnes (45 square kilometer) located. The area of Hautes Fagnes started 7.500 years ago at the end of the last ice age and is protected since 1957. A unique spot in Europe with an exceptional biotope to preserve.

The difference between a Nature Park and a Nature Reserve!

A nature reserve often allows very limited access, or in fact no access at all to the public. Its function is to preserve the area. A National Park may have several conditions on use and access but it is assumed that the public will have access to the park.