Respect the landscape 

Respect the landscape 

You should always be respectful of the areas and landscapes you are visiting. Thanks to the you can explore off-path, but if you are visiting somewhere that is particularly vulnerable to damage, it might be sensible to try and stick to paths and tracks where available.

If you are heading out into the landscapes, it’s also important to be safe, equipped and organised. Although our scenery is stunning, outdoors are often wild and rural too, so if you’re not prepared with the correct clothing and equipment, it can become dangerous.

It’s a good idea to read up on the … before you head out. You can find out more about equipment and essential items to bring with you to stay safe outdoors – whether you are conquering a …, wild swimming or just exploring nature.

Whilst you’re outdoors, it is also crucial that you do not disturb the surrounding landscapes as many areas are home to wildlife habitats and rare or protected plantlife species.

  • Avoid tampering with sticks and don’t break branches off of trees.
  • Don’t lift stones from the ground and place elsewhere.
  • Avoid building fires as these can easily get out of control and damage the landscape.

Enjoy the outdoors

Plan ahead and be prepared
Follow advice and local signs.

Even when going out locally, it’s best to get the latest information about where and when you can go. For example, your rights to go onto some areas and woodland may be restricted in particular places at particular times. Find out as much as you can about where you are going, plan ahead and follow advice and local signs

Respect the needs of local people and visitors alike – for example, don’t block gateways, driveways or other paths with your vehicle.
Leave gates and property as you find them and follow paths unless wider access is available.
Our heritage matters to all of us – be careful not to disturb ruins and historic sites.
Protect the natural environment. We all have a responsibility to protect the countryside now and for future generations, so make sure you don’t harm animals, birds, plants or trees and try to leave no trace of your visit. When out with your dog make sure it is not a danger or nuisance to farm animals, horses, wildlife or other people.
Litter and leftover food doesn’t just spoil the beauty of the countryside, it can be dangerous to wildlife and farm animals – so take your litter home with you. Dropping litter and dumping rubbish are criminal offences.
When you take your dog into the outdoors, always ensure it does not disturb wildlife, farm animals, horses or other people by keeping it under effective control. This means that you:· keep your dog on a lead.
Check weather forecasts before you leave. Conditions can change rapidly especially in the Belgian Ardennes and the German Eifel, so don’t be afraid to turn back. When visiting the Euregio Meuse-Rhine area check the weather at