Stage 5. Übach-Palenberg (DE) to Jabeek (NL))

Stage 5. Übach-Palenberg (DE) to Jabeek (NL)

Übach-Palenberg is located approx. 20 km north of Aachen/Aix-la-Chapelle on the frontier with the Netherlands. Cultural and club life as well as recreation are very important in Übach-Palenberg, read more…

Jabeek is a small residential area in the municipality of Beekdaelen in Dutch Limburg. The name is probably derived from the stream Quabeek that runs through the village. Jabeek has about 705 inhabitants, read more

Trail map and stats:

Start:Übach-Palenberg (DE)
Coordinates (DD):50.919725 / 6.118786
End:Jabeek (NL)
Coordinates (DD):50.981919 / 5.941016
Distance:18,7 kilometers
Ascent:57 meters
Descent:79 meters
Elevation map:
Path, dirt road, nature trail:87%
Asphalt, road:13%
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Some highlights:

NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen is located in Germany and six kilometers west of the town of Geilenkirchen. The base is known to the local population as Flugplatz Teveren. Surrounded by farmland and a natural woodland reserve the base was originally built by the Royal Air Force after World War II and operated as RAF Geilenkirchen. Flying operations at Geilenkirchen ended in January 1968 and the installation was handed over to the German Air Force in March 1968. Following by a NATO’s decision to establish NATO Airborne Early Warning & Control Force.

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