Stage 15. Pepinster (BE) to Herve (BE)

Stage 15. Pepinster (BE) to Herve (BE)

Pepinster traditionally had many watermills, due to its location between two fast-flowing rivers. In the 18th century, four watermills were made suitable for the textile industry, which flourished in the area around Verviers, read more…

The city of Herve gave its name to the surrounding “Land of Herve”. The Land of Herve is a group of villages nestled in this part of Liège that stretches between the rivers Meuse and Vesder, read more…

Overview map and stats:

Start:Pepinster (BE)
Coordinates (DD):50.568421 / 5.803283
End:Herve (BE)
Coordinates (DD):50.639762 / 5.795313
Distance:17,7 kilometers
Ascent:409 meters
Descent:260 meters
Elevation map:
Path, dirt road, nature trail:94%
Asphalt, road:6%
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Some highlights:

The Land van Herve is located between the rivers Vesder and Meuse, in the heart of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine and the Aachen-Liège-Maastricht triangle. The Land of Herve covers an area of ​​450 km² with a rather hilly relief. The typical view is characterized by living hedges bordering meadows. The hedgerow landscape of the Land of Herve and its standard orchards provide the setting for small typical farms, most of which were built in the 17th and 18th centuries.

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