Stage 27. Spa (BE) to Hockai (BE)

Stage 27. Spa (BE) to Hockai (BE)

Spa is located in the Belgian province of Liège and has more than 10,000 inhabitants. The thermal baths of Spa are listed as UNESCO World Heritage, read more…

Hockai is a village in the far north of the municipality of Stavelot in the province of Liège and located at an altitude of about 555 meters. With this location Hockai is one of the highest villages in Belgium. The village is no longer served by a railway and the former railway bed is transformed in a walking/cycling path (RAVeL).

Overview map and stats:

Start:Spa (BE)
Coordinates (DD):50.492297 / 5.862506
End:Hockai (BE)
Coordinates (DD):50.481993 / 5.986158
Distance:20,1 kilometers
Ascent:547 meters
Descent:260 meters
Elevation map:
Path, gravel, dirt road, nature trail:72%
Asphalt, road:28%
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Some highlights:

Writers in the 19th century were not afraid to make the most grotesque comparisons when it came to the stream la Hoëgne. Exploring the Hoëgne valley has been compared to Livingstone’s discovery of the Victoria Falls, read more…

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