Stage 9. Genk (BE) to Hasselt (BE)

Stage 9. Genk (BE) to Hasselt (BE)

Genk is a city in the Belgian province Limburg with more than 66,000 inhabitants.
For almost 800 years Genk remained rural with 200 to 500 inhabitants, but Genk remained the center of a number of other little villages, read more…

As a small settlement arose Hasselt around the 7th century near the Helbeek (stream), a tributary of the river Demer. The name Hasselt is probarly derived from the Germanic Hasaluth, which means hazel forest, read more…

Trail map and stats:

Start:Genk (BE)
Coordinates (DD):50.968489 / 5.499835
End:Hasselt (BE)
Coordinates (DD):50.930101 / 5.338455
Distance:22,7 kilometers
Ascent:60 meters
Descent:87 meters
Elevation map: 
Path, dirt road, nature trail:82%
Asphalt, road:18%
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Some highlights:

The Provinciaal Domein Bokrijk is a 550-hectare domain with forests and nature reserves, located in the Belgian municipality of Genk. It is mainly known for its open-air museum, arboretum and open-air playground but is a protected Natura 2000 area, read more…

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