Stage 35. Woffelsbach (DE) to Simonskall (DE)

Stage 35. Woffelsbach (DE) to Simonskall (DE)

Woffelsbach is a village of about 500 inhabitants of the municipality Simmerath. The village is located in the northern Eifel on the banks of the lake Rur, that flows into the river Meuse (NL), read more…

Simonskall is a place with the special name: “Die Perle der Eifel”. Hidden deep in the Kalltal lies the idyllic hamlet, consisting of a few old half-timbered houses, a dilapidated water mill and a small chapel. And on top of that, fortunately or unfortunately, a large number catering establishments, read more…

Overview map and stats:

Start:Woffelsbach (DE)
Coordinates (DD):50.627794 / 6.384539
End:Simonskall (DE)
Coordinates (DD):50.666152 / 6.351446
Distance:21,6 kilometers
Ascent:698 meters
Descent:677 meters
Elevation map:
Path, dirt road, nature trail:83%
Asphalt, road:17%
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Some highlights:

The memorial “A Time for Healing” is located on the bridge over the stream Kall near the restaurant Mestrenger Mühle; Around this bridge was heavily fought over at the Battle of the Hürtgen Forest during WW2, read more…

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