Fourth section – from Aachen (DE) to Maastricht (NL) in 6. stages

Fourth section – from Aachen/Aix-la-Chapelle (DE) to Maastricht (NL) in 6. stages

Section 4. consists of 6.stages from Aachen/Aix-la-Chapelle (DE) to Maastricht (NL). Highlights are of course the visit of city Aachen/Aix-la-Chapelle with Roman history and Carolus Magnus. Further the Vijlnerbos (forest), Simpelveld, Valkenburg aan de Geul, Margraten, d’n Observant, crossing the river Meuse at Eijsden and the last stretch at Chateau Neercanne to Maastricht.

From Aachen/Aix-la-Chapelle you walk first to the Three-Border Region (Drielandenpunt) in Vaals is the place where Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands meet. At a height of 323 m, it is also the highest point of the Netherlands (Except for the Caribbean islands belonging to the Kingdom of the Netherlands).
and you continue into the Vijlenerbos, the longest forest in the Netherlands (8 kilometers), you have a height difference of about 100 metres! A real hillside forest. At Epen you find the most beautiful views of Zuid-Limburg. In Simpelveld you have lots of Roman remains and in Valkenburg aan de Geul you follow the stream De Geul. In Margraten you can visit the impressive Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial and continue into the Savelsbos to Eijsden, close to the river Meuse. From Eijsden you leave with a ferry to cross the river Meuse an border to Belgium, before you have the last stretch to Maastricht in the Netherlands.

Overview map and stats:

Number of stages:6.
Total length:138,5 kilometers
Shortest stage:21,6 kilometers (Simpelveld to Valkenburg a/d Geul)
Longest stage:24,8 kilometers (Margraten to Eijsden)
Total ascent:1.630 meters
Total descent:1.770 meters
Elevation map of stage 39 till 44:
Average distance:23,1 kilometers
Path, dirt road, nature trail:77%
Asphalt, road:23%

The stages:

Stage 39.

Aachen to Epen (NL)

Aachen is founded on the remains of Roman baths. The Latin word aqua can be taken as the origin of the name.
Total length 22,3 kilometers

Stage 40.

Epen to Simpelveld

Epen is probably derived from a Germanic word of possibly Celtic origin, “apa”, a word meaning “water”.
Total length 24,5 kilometers

Stage 41.

Simpelveld to Valkenburg

Simpelveld; in 1930 some sandstone coffins or sarcophagi from the Roman era were excavated.
Total length 21,6 kilometers

Stage 42.

Valkenburg to Margraten

Valkenburg aan de Geul around the middle of the 19th century a new source of income developed in the mainly agriculturally oriented; tourism.
Total length 21,3 kilometers

Stage 43.

Margraten to Eijsden

Margraten is international known by the presence of the Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial, a large military cemetery.
Total length 24,8 kilometers

Stage 44.

Eijsden to Maastricht

Eijsden lies on the frontier with Belgium and on the banks of the river Meuse in the extreme southwest of the Dutch region Zuid-Limburg.
Total length 24 kilometers