Third section – from Eupen (BE) to Aachen/Aix-la-Chapelle (DE) in 15. stages

Third section – from Eupen (BE) to Aachen/Aix-la-Chapelle (DE) in 15. stages

You start in the city Eupen (BE) at the gateway of the Nature Park Hautes Fagnes-Eifel and will walk south to the cities Spa (BE), Einruhr (DE), Heimbach (DE) and Aachen/Aix-la-Chapelle with lots of highlights.

Section 3. is considered by me as the toughest section, but one of the most spectacular of the Modern Grand Tour trail. From the city Eupen you enter the Belgian Ardennes with lots of woods and streams. You go the town Spa where the term spa originates. From Spa we turn back in to the Belgian Ardennes and follow the valleys of the streams la Hoëgne, la Statte and la Sawe to the German city Monschau.
From Monschau you will walk around some beautiful large lakes and WW2 remains. You will be at spots where general Omar Bradley and writer Ernest Hemmingway were during WW2. And enter the Hürtgenwald where the Americans fought during WW2 the Battle of Hürtgen Forest a series of fierce battles from September 19th to December 16th 1944. It was the longest battle on German ground during World War II and is the longest single battle the U.S. Army has ever fought.

Overview map and stats

Number of stages:15.
Total length:312,1 kilometers
Shortest stage:15,2 kilometers (Jalhay to Spa)
Longest stage:25,1 kilometers (Simonskall to Breinig)
Total ascent:5.939 meters
Total descent:6.090 meters
Elevation map of stage 24. till 38.:
Average distance:20,8 kilometers
Path, dirt road, nature trail:80%
Asphalt, road:20%

The stages:

Stage 24.

Eupen to Eupen

Eupen is the capital of East Belgium in the province of Liège and at the frontier of Nature Reserve Hautes Fagnes.
Total length 15,9 kilometers

Stage 25.

Eupen to Jalhay

Eupen is the capital of East Belgium in the province of Liège and at the frontier of Nature Reserve Hautes Fagnes.
Total length 15,9 kilometers

Stage 26.

Jalhay to Spa

Jalhay is located at the Nature Reserve Hautes Fagnes and has countless possibilities for walks in the Hertogenwald.
Total length 15,2 kilometers

Stage 27.

Spa to Hockai

Spa is located in the province of Liège. The thermal baths of Spa are listed as UNESCO World Heritage. Total length 18.1 kilometers

Stage 28.

Hockai to Signal de Botrange

Hockai is one of the highest villages of Belgium and situated in the far north of Stavelot in the province of Liège. Total length 21,1 kilometers

Stage 29.

Signal de Botrange to Butgenbach

Signal de Botrange try to climb the stairs of the monument, you can even reach above 700 meters. Total length 23,3 kilometers

Stage 30.

Butgenbach to Hellental

Bütgenbach is located in the German-speaking of Belgium. In 1932 a dam was built and Lake Bütgenbach was created.
Total length 24,3 kilometers

Stage 31.

Hellental to Monschau

Hellenthal is located on the edge of the Eifel National Park and the Oleftalsperre is one of the largest reservoirs in Germany.
Total length 24,4 kilometers

Stage 32.

Monschau to Einruhr

Monschau is located in the most beautiful regions of Germany; the Eifel. Monschau was first mentioned in 1198 as Mons Ioci.
Total length 16,8 kilometers

Stage 33.

Einruhr to Heimbach

Einruhr is at the eastern bank of Rurtalsperre Schwammenauel and part of the municipality of Dedenborn. Total length 24 kilometers

Stage 34.

Heimbach to Woffelsbach

Heimbach; the towers of Hengebach castle reigns over over the valley. The first mention of Heimbach was in 673. Total length 15,2 kilometers

Stage 35.

Woffelsbach to Simonskall

Woffelsbach the village is located in the northern Eifel at the banks of the lake Rur, that flows into the river Meuse (NL).. Total length 21,6 kilometers

Stage 36.

Simonskall to Breinig

Simonskall started as a small settlement with the presence of iron ore, especially around the village Schmidt. Total length 25,1 kilometers

Stage 37.

Breinig to Stolberg

Breinig is today characterised by its urban value and the careful preservation of its historic buildings. Total length 20 kilometers

Stage 38.

Stolberg to Aachen

Stolberg is a historic old town with an impressive castle complex, three old town and pre-industrial homes. Total length 18,8 kilometers