The Modern Grand Tour has walking & hiking stages!

The Modern Grand Tour trail has walking & hiking stages!

A walking stage is usually surfaced with asphalt, gravel, cobblestones, earth, mud or sand. It may even be just a grassy path, but it will be better taken care of and is relatively easy to walk on. Such a path will be free from hurdles such as ditches, loose soil or waterways. The paths are more or less level in that the starting and end points will not differ much in elevation.

In comparison the hiking stages take you deeper into nature and can be more exciting. They will take you along wild paths where you will probarly encounter less people. These trails almost always involve a climb from a lower point to a higher one. Due to this, the hiking stages can be more difficult to conquer and you can cross streams or even climb a hill. 

You will need proper gear to do all this. Proper hiking shoes, a store of food and water, and perhaps even camping equipment. It involves a lot more planning and investment. Overall, you will be spending a lot more time and effort on a hiking stage. And generally it is more tasking both physically and mentally, but can be very rewarding.

Walking and hiking are both awesome ways to get into nature, exercise and strip off all the stress.

Hiking offers more in terms of getting in touch in touch with nature. You leave civilization behind and really bath in nature. It is also can be more intense, meaning you burn more calories. However it requires a bit of gear and preparation.
Always make sure you have everything you need for the Modern Grand Tour trail. Nothing beats an adventurous walk or hike!

Stage 1.Maastricht (NL) to Meerssen (NL)
Stage 2.Meersen (NL) to Spaubeek (NL)
Stage 3.Spaubeek (NL) to Heerlen (NL)
Stage 4.Heerlen (NL) to Übach-Palenberg (DE)
Stage 5.Übach-Palenberg (DE) to Jabeek (NL)
Stage 6.Jabeek (NL) to Born (NL)
Stage 7.Born (NL) to Opglabeek (BEL)
Stage 8.Opglabeek (BEL) to Genk (BEL)
Stage 9.Genk (BEL) to Hasselt (BEL)
Stage 10.Hasselt (BEL) to Winterhoven (BEL)
Stage 11.Wintershoven (BEL) to Tongeren (BEL)
Stage 12.Tongeren BEL) to Liège (BEL)
Stage 13.Liège (BEL) to Chaudfontaine (BEL)
Stage 14.Chaudfontaine (BEL) to Pepinster (BEL)
Stage 15.Pepinster (BEL) to Herve (BEL)
Stage 16.Herve (BEL) to Aubel (BEL)
Stage 17.Aubel (BEL) to Sint-Martens-Voeren (BEL)
Stage 18.Sint-Martens-Voeren (BEL) to Teuven (BEL)
Stage 19.Teuven (BEL) to Kelmis (BEL)
Stage 20.Kelmis (BEL) to Raeren (BEL)
Stage 21.Raeren (BEL) to Henri-Chapelle (BEL)
Stage 22.Henri-Chapelle (BEL) to Limbourg (BEL)
Stage 23.Limbourg (BEL) to Eupen (BEL)
Stage 24.Eupen (BEL) to Eupen (BEL)
Stage 25.Eupen (BEL) to Jalhay (BEL)
Stage 26.Jalhay (BEL) to Spa (BEL)
Stage 27.Spa (BEL) to Hockai (BEL)
Stage 28.Hockai (BEL) to Signal de Botrange (BEL)
Stage 29.Signal de Botrange (BEL) to Butgenbach (DE)
Stage 30.Butgenbach (BEL) to Hellental (DE)
Stage 31.Hellental (DE) to Monschau (DE)
Stage 32.Monschau (DE) to Einruhr (DE)
Stage 33.Einruhr (DE) to Heimbach (DE)
Stage 34.Heimbach (DE) to Woffelsbach (DE)
Stage 35.Woffelsbach (DE) to Simonskall (DE)
Stage 36.Simonskall (DE) to Breinig (DE)
Stage 37.Breinig (DE) to Stolberg (DE)
Stage 38.Stolberg (DE) to Aachen (DE)
Stage 39.Aachen (DE) to Epen (NL)
Stage 40.Epen (NL) to Simpelveld (NL)
Stage 41.Simpelveld (NL) to Valkenburg a/d Geul (NL)
Stage 42.Valkenburg a/d Geul (NL) to Margraten (NL)
Stage 43.Margraten (NL) to Eijsden (NL)
Stage 44.Eijsden (NL) to Maastricht (NL)